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Paris&Co is Paris economic development agency, financed by Paris City Hall and a large number of active members. Paris&Co presents international investment promotion opportunities through actions of prospection towards foreign companies.


Paris&Co offers a vast network of key players from the parisian economic environment, multinational groups, as well as specialised SMEs, real estate and financial actors. The agency provides assistance for international companies planning to set-up in Paris, offering a dedicated and professional service at any stage of their project:


  • questions on administrative, legal and tax matters
  • recruitment
  • real estate enquiries: lease, business centers, incubators
  • relocation
  • integration to the parisian environment


Paris&Co provides specific practical solutions designed for international managers through a community of experts accustomed to foreign interfaces. The agency takes action together with Paris City Hall, and the Invest In France and Paris Region agencies.  


Our expert team will help with comprehensive advice every step of the way, in a process we divide into 4 stages:


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1 - Weighing up a move to Paris?


Before you take your decision, you need to be sure you have all the facts. We can help with extensive information and relevant examples in the following areas:


Target market

  • Business sectors and key players
  • Human resources: labour market conditions and wage levels
  • Company formation costs

Business premises

  • Options available
  • Budget: average rent by district and other costs

Arriving in Paris

  • Details of administrative formalities for business representatives in Paris (visa, work permit)
  • Welcome

    • A multicultural team at your service
    • Information on institutions and partners to help you settle in smoothly


Clichy Batignolles, 17th district


2 - Laying the foundations for your project


Paris&Co can provide you with initial guidance and put you in touch with professionals — including lawyers, accountants and real-estate experts — to help you take the right decisions.


Choosing the legal status of your business

  • The right structure

An établissement (establishment) is the extension of a parent company outside France. There can be two kinds:

  • Representative office: Quick and easy to set up, a representative office (bureau de liaison or bureau de répresentation) is generally the first stepping stone, enabling a foreign business to prospect the French market and consolidate its contacts. However a representative office cannot legally engage in commercial activities, and only its parent can issue invoices and enter into commercial contracts.
  • Branch: Unlike a representative office, a branch (succursale) can engage in commercial activities. Easy to set up, it enables the parent company to expand its reach and win customers on new markets.
  • Subsidiary: A subsidiary or filiale is a company established under French law and is a legal entity distinct from the parent company that is its main shareholder. A subsidiary can be set up either by acquiring an existing company in France or by forming a new one. A subsidiary has its own assets and acts in its own name; as such, it provides a base for a lasting presence on the target market.

Paris&Co can advise you on the business status best suited your needs, drawing on support from private sector partners and contacts with competent authorities.






Choice of tax status

With the assistance of its partners, Paris&Co can give international businesses planning a move to Paris the advice they need on tax options and the appointment of a tax representative.


  • Direct taxation

Standard forms

  • Company tax (Impôt sur les Sociétés or IS)
  • Flat annual tax charge (Impôt Forfaitaire Annuel or IFA)

Specific tax status

  • Logistic centers
  • Headquarters
  • Indirect tax : VAT


  • Special tax regime
  • Research tax credit
  • Impatriate tax regime
  • Innovative young businesses


Setting up your initial team and premises

We can assist you in the domiciliation of your business with the support of specialized advisers. This will enable you take the necessary initiatives concerning:


  • Relocation of managers

Paris&Co can guide you through the procedures required for the international mobility of your business representatives in Paris.


  • Business premises

We can advise you on options to match your needs and the stage your project has reached — giving you the choice between permanent offices and flexible solutions enabling you to start by testing the market without making any definite commitment. Such solutions can in some cases also provide for the legal domiciliation of your business entity.





3 - Help recruiting your team


Your team

  • Information about recruitment
  • Employment contracts


    • Employment contracts: temporary (CDD) and permanent (CDI)
    • Secondment
    • Contract termination and legal implications
  • Recruiting the team you need


We offer personalized assistance in recruiting your team, with support from our partners who help draw up profiles, contact and shortlist candidates, and track access to subsidies for job creation.

Paris&Co works with all major institutional and private-sector entities in the field.



Your business network 

To expand your range of contacts and build a successful business network, we also provide full details on competitiveness clusters, industry federations, associations and professional networks in your field.  We can also put you in touch with experts able to identify partners in commerce and technology.


4 - A lasting base in Paris


Once your project is up and running, we remain available for follow-up and provide any type of information that can serve your business, including:


Locating premises for lasting growth

We can help you choose suitable premises by offering, with our network of partners, real estate options suited to your plans:


  • premises in Paris for a representative office or headquarters or for business domiciliation requiring more lasting presence
  • Our partners specialized in property — whatever your industry or the scale of premises you need — are on hand to assist. 


Professional events

Paris&Co will inform you about events that we or our partners organize in specific domains, thus allowing you to extend your address book. Below you will find some examples :





  • Paris&Co events :

    • Les Matinées Internationales: a monthly breakfast meeting for young entrepreneurs to exchange views on issues and priorities.
    • Les Matinées de l'Immobilier
  • Innov’éco: a quarterly meeting for professionals in econ-innovation and cleantech.







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